Homemade sauces

Deliprime launches Salsas del Primo made with premium quality ingredients, guacamole flavor with habanero and green piquín chili sauce.

Mexico.- Quality is the most important thing for Deliprime, therefore every ingredient used in the preparation of its sauces is subjected to a careful process of checking, selection and cleaning. Currently, the Mexican company works with a range of more than eight different chilies from states such as Yucatán, Coahuila and Nuevo León, where they are based.

According to René Flores Ramírez, general manager, the company sought to “deliver a homemade sauce” that is not linked to industrial processes and that focuses on the quality of its ingredients. This is how “Salsas Del Primo” was born, a product with such a homely taste that it seemed as if it had just come out of grandma’s kitchen. “If there is a product that can convey your taste, your recipe and your soul, it is sauce.” , emphasizes the manager.

All sauce lines are sold in glass containers, a material that ensures safety and excellent taste, and maintains the consistency of the product for a long time. Salsas Del Primo has been able to expand its presence and currently its products are reaching tables across the country and in some cities in the United States.

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