How does smart packaging help brands stand out?

In 2020, in addition to printing and conversion processes, the focus will be on packaging, industrial, functional printing and additive manufacturing.

Many active and intelligent packaging (A&IP) components are created using advanced printingsuch as vacuum deposition, holographs, integrated security coding and microprinting, explained Eef de Ferrante, CEO of the Active and Intelligent Packaging Industry Association (AIPIA).

Given the importance of technology in the packaging sector, AIPIA has partnered with Drupa 2020 to organize a training program as well as demonstrations and presentations on active and intelligent packaging innovations and how they relate to the printing sector.

According to experts, AIPIA’s participation at Drupa 2020 is an opportunity for members to learn about new printing technologies that could be adapted to create A&IP products and to meet with processors and other experts from the packaging and related sectors.

He added that the hype around digitization in the packaging sector is huge, but there is much more, such as printed electronics, embedded coding in QR and other codes, microprinting, nano-inks and printing technologies, graphene, etc. Applications include traceability, serialization, thermochromic and photochromic inks for promotions.

Global mega trends

Sabine Geldermann, director of the Drupa fair, pointed out that future and transversal technologies and global megatrends have a great impact on the industry: “Applications for organic and printed electronics, nanotechnology and all subsequent developments resulting from Industry 4.0 that will intervene in a large number of processes.”

In 2020, in addition to printing and conversion processes, the focus will be on packaging printing, industrial and functional printing, and additive manufacturing. In particular, the growth potential of inkjet devices and expansion into new areas.

Ferrante noted that Drupa 2020 will see relevant packaging themes in the future: “These are cutting-edge technologies that include better printing to improve packaging quality and offer added value such as anti-counterfeit features, security and consumer engagement.”

Source: AIPIA.

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