How does the HACCP methodology work?

Throughout the supply chain, there are stages that need to be completed in order for the product to reach the end consumer in the best conditions. methodologies such as HACCPs They help the food industry to coordinate so that the final product arrives in the best conditions.

This is how he makes it known Esteban Díaz, packaging mentor and consultant, in the webinar Packaging and HACCP, where the steps of the methodology that must be followed in order are highlighted.

What is HACCP?

The HACCP system is based on a series of interrelated phases, inherent industrial food processing, which refer to all segments and links of the production chain, from primary production to food consumption.

Esteban Díaz explains that HACCP is like the methodology to be followed as if it were a cooking recipe, i.e. without skipping steps to make it work in the expected order.

HACCP works as a risk analysis methodology to avoid all the details that could ignore and know what to do when you have a conflict, such as a package in poor condition.

How does HACCP work?

HCCP methodology is divided into seven steps which companies must comply with in order to obtain the correct certification, which consists of:

  • Perform a hazard analysis
  • Identify critical control points
  • Set critical boundaries
  • Develop monitoring procedures
  • Decide on corrective actions
  • Create verification procedures
  • Procedures for maintaining records of forms

Mentor and packaging consultant emphasizes that these steps must be completed in the appropriate step without skipping or closing to maintain order.

Regulatory schemes for compliance with certificates

Many companies do not understand why packaging must comply with safety regulationseven when they are not in contact with food, in the case of those that are, the requirement becomes more precise.

From the last layer of the container must be carefully handled to match with the requirements that a particular product requiresalso according to customer, product or consumer specifications.

HACCP gives confidence to the industry

Consumers and suppliers in the same industry feel safe working with the companies they have HACCP systembecause they show that their packaging products comply with the necessary regulations to demonstrate hygiene for food transport.

The food chain can be large depending on the food being traded, for example in the case of a tuberit must be taken care of from the moment of cultivation, extraction and production, regardless of whether it remains in the shell to be sold as a whole or as part of the product.

Esteban Díaz reminds that it is important to identify the risks that can appear in food at each stage to avoid carelessness and hand methodology such as HACCP can be supported.

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