HP reinvents printing on corrugated packaging in collaboration with KBA

Digital printing is the fastest growing packaging segment with a projected annual growth rate of 17%

HP Inc. has introduced the first HP PageWide T1100S Web Press, developed in collaboration with KBA, which reinvents corrugated packaging printing for high-volume digital prepress applications.

Digital printing is the fastest growing segment of packaging with a projected annual growth rate of 17% in a market expected to reach $19 billion by 2019. Digital packaging solutions enable economical short runs and the ability to make each box different.

“Manufacturers and brands alike must create more efficient and targeted packaging while reducing costs,” said Eric Wiesner, general manager of PageWide Web Press (PWP), HP Inc. “HP Inc. and KBA have joined forces to bring to market the world’s most productive press, (2) delivering greater value to high-end converters with prepress and digital efficiency in a single press.”

DS Smith Packaging is the first customer to install a 2.8 meter (110 inch) wide press, which provides significantly greater productivity and production flexibility compared to traditional analog technology.

“We have selected the new HP PageWide T1100S Web Press as the next step in our revolutionary digital prepress program,” said Stefano Rossi, CEO, DS Smith Packaging Division. “Our joint development with HP has resulted in the first digital press capable of printing at the speed and width we need to produce high volumes of corrugated board. This will provide customers with unprecedented flexibility in short runs and consistency of quality.”

Rediscovering Corrugated Printing

While current analog printing technology is limited to printing multiple copies of the box design (all boxes look the same and are the same size), the HP PageWide T1100S Web Press, with Multi-Layer Printing Architecture (MLPA), creates a huge paradigm in corrugated board production.

HP MLPA splits the web into multiple print lanes so that different jobs, with different box sizes and run lengths, can be printed in individual lanes. Multiple ultra-short or short runs can be queued and printed together, without setting between jobs, while long runs can be printed in a different lane.

HP MLPA, combined with all the advantages of digital printing, enables cost-effective customization of corrugated cardboard packaging, meeting the requirements for shorter print runs without the need to create inventory. Corrugated paperboard converters can now print only what they need and when they need it.

Fulfilling the brand’s requirements for fast and high-quality production

As more and more brands demand custom packaging, processors must meet shorter turnaround times and shorter print runs, while producing high-quality printed solutions at a lower cost. With print speeds of up to 600 linear feet (183 linear meters) per minute and 330,000 square feet (30,600 square meters) per hour, the HP PageWide T1100S Web Press helps corrugated converters quickly take on new, complex jobs.

With enhanced priming options, including a combination of HP Bonding Agent, HP Priming Agent and four HP A50 water pigment CMYK inks, customers can print offset quality on coated and uncoated liners from 80 to 400 gsm, at a higher cost economy, versatility, productivity and quality with high color saturation, dark black optical density and sharp text. Inline and near-inline coating solutions for HP Priming Agent and water-based overprint coating also provide incredible print quality that helps meet the brand’s highest standards.

Optional configurations such as self splicing/tower rewinding, base coating and overprinting solutions as well as the KBA PATRAS “Automated Paper Logistics System” result in even greater efficiency of the overall solution.

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