Ice cream: Alfajor Ice Cream Multipack

Delicious ice cream with vanilla flavor, filled with excellent dulce de leche ICE CREAM, the leading Argentine company in the production of ice cream, presents the new Multipack Alfajor Helado, ideal to have at home and to try during the autumn-winter season.

The new Multipack comes with 6 alfajores of delicious vanilla-flavored ice cream, filled with delicious dulce de leche and covered with a dough coating. The suggested retail price is $36.

You can find this and more than 200 products of the company in ICE CREAM SHOPS and in all hypermarkets and supermarkets in the country.

ICE CREAM is a company with Argentine capital that has been offering the market an extensive and diverse range of top quality products for 26 years. Since last year they have ICE CREAM STORES, the first and only “ice cream stores” in the country with stores in Villa Urquiza, Belgrano, Martínez, Florencio Varela, Mendoza, Santa Fe, Córdoba and La Pampa and they plan to open 20 new ones in 2012.

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