Ice is a fundamental part in the preparation of drinks

Ice is necessary in cocktailbecause it intensifies all the flavors that are added to the preparation and restores the taste; however, What few discover is the quality of the water from which the ice is used, which can change the entire taste of a good drink.

This is how he made it known the sommelier Mariana Gil Juncal, advisor for bubbly, which recommends that when preparing drinks ice is taken into accountbe a part of core any cocktail.

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Ice is essential in a good cocktail

The quantity, quality and freshness of ice It is extremely important when preparing drinks, it is easy to think that the only function of this element is to ensure temperature, but if we analyze in detail each element that comes in a glass or cocktail can modify the taste.

When a cocktail is shaken or stirred with ice, it breaks down by adding water to the drink, creating a dilution that combines flavors and softens the alcohol, That’s why in various preparations sommelier they use it for mixingbut They no longer put it in a glass so that it does not dissolve further.

Water filtration process

Something important to discover when use ice, is to know filtration process That it is used for water which origin ice, for example in the case of an Argentine beverage company bubblythey manage the process top quality to guarantee consumers a good taste.

Through filtration with layers of sand, activated carbon, etc filters micrónicos, Except it goes through the process ozonationcrystal clear water is obtained, without taste or smell, ideal for use in fine cocktails.

That’s why fans of prepared drinks and trays must take care even of the ice they use for the offer better product quality and especially in drinks alcoholic prepared considered premium.

The ice used to make ice must have an optimal filtration process so that it does not change the taste of the drink. Photo: Freepik.

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