Iced and refreshing coffees

Freddo has launched a new line of its exclusive ice creams that includes four tempting combinations.Argentina.- Freddo, the leading chain in production and sales ice creams featured artisans with a longer history in the Argentine market novelties in its iced coffee line consisting of four tempting products to enjoy a quality experience during the autumn season, joined by Freddo mocha and cappuccino flavor with dulce de leche.

The fruit of the inspiration and talent of its master ice cream makers, the line includes four tempting combinations: the first based on dark chocolate ice cream, condensed milk and coffee; another containing coconut ice cream with dulce de leche, dulce de leche sauce, coffee and a delicate decoration of grated coconut; the third iced coffee, made with coffee, strawberry ice cream and a delicious bath with strawberry sauce; and, finally, the ice cream flavor chocolate white, coffee and red fruit sauce. It should be noted that the products are presented in 440cc glass.

In this way, Freddo continues to offer new experiences of high quality, creating new products to bring to its customers all the tradition and innovation of its recipes, succeeding in positioning itself as “traditional Argentine ice cream. National classic, export quality.”

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