IFF launches a new line of mint flavors

This new collection is the result of an analysis carried out by its best experts around the world.

International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF) has created a new line of mint flavors at attractive prices. This line offers consumers popular flavors of piperite oils.

“Mint prices are rising significantly due to reduced acreage and increased production costs,” said Catherine Hogan, global category manager at IFF–Sweet & Dairy. “At the same time, demand is growing in categories such as oral hygiene and chewing gum. The challenge for our customers is to deliver high-quality mint profiles while keeping overall product maintenance costs under control,” he said in a press release.

To meet the challenges presented by this scenario, they directed their global team of technical and creative experts to develop this new collection of premium mint-flavored solutions. The researchers traveled to a major mint-growing region in the US, meeting to analyze quality and available samples. For this, they used the IFF Generessence ® analytical technique on fresh mint oils and their derivatives, identifying more than 325 different compounds in the process. From here they discovered new ingredients for the launch of the new line.

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