IMG Group promotes the circular economy of PET

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the key role of PET in hygiene and safety in the food industry is highlighted, showing that this material is irreplaceable. Under this premise, IMG Groupthe main goal was to promote a circular economy for PET. His vision is focused on providing innovative and sustainable products that meet not only human needs, but also the needs of the environment.

In this sense, the company is constantly making progress on the way to the transition to a circular economy, implementing ambitious programs and investing in the improvement of its products. To ensure its goal, the group collaborates and partners with governments, industry associations and local communities, supporting each other in their shared commitment to achieving circularity.

The goal is to reduce waste and promote PET recycling not only in industrial locations, but in all communities where IMG operates. Therefore, they raise the awareness of the population to care for the environment by collecting, separating and recycling all possible materials, with a focus on the most recycled material: PET.

PET recycling solutions

IMG Group includes post-consumer and post-industrial recycled content in two business lines:

  • Selenis.Its innovative product line, known as the ECO Series, is a pioneer in incorporating up to 50% recycled content into its resins. It has fully recyclable solutions for the form, fill and seal markets.
  • Upset. Currently, its sheets target an average inclusion of 50% post-consumer and post-industrial recycled content. It accelerates innovative techniques for incorporating recycled content into its products, having pioneered sheet extrusion and incorporating recycled materials.

With these solutions, the group envisions a future with greater use of recycled content, greater recyclability of its products and the lowest possible carbon footprint, where the group plays a leading role in raising awareness in its communities about the benefits of rPET recycling and progress towards a circular economy.

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