Industrialists report a shortage of plastic packaging

The deficit in the supply of resins suffered by manufacturers of plastic products affects the dynamics of other industries, especially the food industry.

Businessmen related to agribusiness reported that the shortage of containers and packaging is “serious”. “Many times the product does not come out, if there are no containers, the production lines can even stop,” said the industrialist.

He explained that traditionally agribusiness has to work with a supply of containers for up to 15 weeks, but that the current availability of containers on the market does not allow taking this precaution. “The food industry has to work with supplies to have safety.”

He explained that companies that manufacture containers report problems with the procurement of raw materials from the Petrochemical Company of Venezuela (Pequiven).

In fact, last Friday José Luis Pérez, the director of Pequiven, admitted that without resin imports, the state-owned company does not cover the demand of plastic manufacturers.

“For certain types that you consume, we do not have the production capacity to meet these needs (?) Structurally, we have undertaken a plan to import resins that we are unable to meet with national production, that is a reality, that reality will continue, that will be emphasized”, said Pérez at a conference held by the Venezuelan Association of the Plastics Industry (Avipla).

The situation does not only affect agribusiness. Juan Zakur, director of Consecomercio, reported that paint manufacturers have been facing problems in getting plastic containers on time for months.

“There are factories that don’t have paint packaging containers.”

He indicated that because of this situation, distributors had to plan ahead for sales in November and December, the two best months for the sector.

Source: Intelligent Environment

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