Innovate: the key in the time of Covid-19

The pandemic we are facing due to Covid-19 presents an interesting opportunity for innovation; Innovation is understood as the exploitation of a creative idea. In the webinar”New forms of innovation: Practical tools for continued innovation in the time of Covid-19”, Eduardo Kastika, an expert in innovation and creativity, shared the keys to to innovate in times of crisis.

How has the food industry been innovating in the last 60 days? The key word that must be considered in times of crisis is ingenuity which is short-term creativity, a reactive solution, and in times of crisis many ingenious ideas appear to overcome the situation.

Eduardo Kastika, innovation expert, pointed out that in a crisis situation we have to to work with ideas that go beyond genius. “The first one is related to new things. “This is a moment where food and beverage brands and companies dare to do new things, it’s not time to stay paralyzed, it’s time to do new and very disruptive things.”

Furthermore, Kaštika said that it is time to work on the concept transparency different than it looked before the pandemic. He pointed out that the key to transparency is the product’s origin, content, traceability.

Today, traditional brands that instill confidence in you stand out solvency which is the ability to solve a problem, to solve a specific problem that people have, to solve the needs of consumers today, and the brands that do that are enjoying great success.

It’s time to innovate and give the consumer something of real value and it surprises them because it gives them something they need to solve their needs without exotic and unnecessary things and without problems.

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Proposals for innovation

  • Collaborative community. Brands come together freely and at the same time planned, to carry out joint actions that work well in these moments of crisis.
  • Community in general. How brands take care of other members of the chain. The goal is for all members of the value chain to progress.
  • The ingenuity of solving a situation and doing new things. This is a crisis where things have to be done now and back to the basics of every industry and sector, i.e. doing things differently and paying attention to details.
  • Solve what is important. It is important not to create additional problems for the client, but to offer valuable solutions. Help you solve your needs.
  • Work with the community. Engage strongly with the ecosystem.

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They attended this webinar Jalisco Chamber of Food Industry (CIAJ)the Mexican Association of Containers and Packaging (AMEE)he Center for Research, Assistance and Design of the State of Jalisco (CIATEJ) Mr GS1.

Watch the entire webinar:

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