Innovative milk carton packaging

The public group has changed the way of expressing the amount of fat in milk with the letters S, M and L.

Design house The Public Group commissioned its designers to create a new packaging concept for milk cartons. The team decided to use small, medium and large labels (S-small-, M-medium- and L-large-) to show the amount of fat contained in milk, similar to how clothes are labeled.

The new packaging displays three fat content options in the middle of the package. Regardless of milk fat, the label goes in the center with a clear circle so customers can quickly see the information.

In the same color as the label, at the bottom of the container, you can see the percentage of fat that the milk contains.

The Belarus-based design house wanted to use this design to show dairy farmers that they could modify and change the packaging design for their products.

Fuente: Public group.

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