Interest in frozen food is growing in the UK

The consumption of frozen food has increased due to the ratio of price and quality due to the increase in the price of the basic basket worldwide, in addition to the fact that this type of food is widely available presentations.

Faces of the United Kingdom the highest inflation since 1970 which has forced consumers to look for other, cheaper alternatives for their consumption, without neglecting the quality, which is why frozen food is a good option.

This is how he made it known Rupert Ashbychief executive of the British Frozen Foods Federation, who commented that consumers prefer this food sector because of the multiple benefits it provides such as variety, shelf life and quality.

They reiterate their commitment to the cold chain transport sector

Redefining values

Innova Top Ten trend for 2023 Market Insights, details how cost and value for money they have become more important to more than half of consumers worldwide, which they are today improve observers and think in detail about their purchases in order to save who it may be possible.

Kingdom Research 2022 Unido Who?detail it one in five households bought more food freeze, which translates as Buying frozen foods could save you money on most of the items in our review.

However, not all frozen foods fared so well, mixed vegetables did not escape inflation and grew by 31.9% in only one yearone of the everyday items that has risen in price the most.

One of the reasons that makes frozen food more economical is that its waste level is much lower, because it is always kept in freezers maintaining its quality, while the rest of the food is They get lost along the supply chain.

Buying frozen foods could save you money on most of the items in our review. Photo: Freepik.

Consumers do not throw away expensive food

Due to inflation in the world, there are more and more consumers aware in their waste, since even basic foodstuffs have become luxuries.

Ashby explains that 1.6 million metric tons are thrown away in the world, among reasons Most often, food is bought and not consumed or prepared much at home, but these details They are more and more taken care of.

British non-governmental organization against food waste WRAP IT UP recently published a study that found that large portions in meals outside the home significantly contribute to food waste, so frozen food is a great option because they are more durable.

Frozen food is a practical, sustainable and affordable option

Spokesman for Nomad Food, ensures that in times of crisis economical, Frozen food is a very practical, sustainable and affordable option for consumers, with minimal food waste.

Why was seen a income increase by 12.8% more compared to 2022, in addition to the fact that the sale of organic products continues in growth for sustainable trends that are present in the food industry.

On the other hand, experts assure that the nutrients in frozen food are preserved, which makes it premium and healthy option.

Frozen food trends and their position on the market

Restaurant food at home

One of the wide possibilities offered by frozen food and that has increased hers interest During the last pandemic, dishes were prepared that you can consume at home just by defrosting and cooking in a simple way.

With the boom that has taken place in reducing foods high in fat, sugar and salt (HFFS), in 2014 alone, 85% of net sales Birds Eyesfrozen food company, sales were not greasy food, which reiterates that that trend is not so cool anymore interest consumer.

top dishes
Frozen food provides consumers with premium options at home as if they were in restaurants. Photo: Freepik.

They reiterate their commitment to the cold chain transport sector

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