It will offer fresh and grilled flavors

Grupo Rubaiyat is creating its new concept: “Terraza Baby Grill”, a space that will offer the best of food and cocktails to consumers looking for new experiences and moments of consumption.

The barbecue has entered the process of modernization. There is also a growing obsession with bolder and more exciting flavors. Therefore, today’s grillers are more willing to try new combinations of flavors, for example combining different types of chili with grilled vegetables, and combining fruits with excellent spices.

In this context, the “Terraza Baby Grill” was born, a proposal created by chef Martín Vázquez, a native of Veracruz and an expert in seafood and cuts of meat, who describes his cuisine as bold and rustic. It is a concept in culinary trends, dishes and new flavors to conquer the Mexican consumer. To achieve this, he is focused on providing diners with the typical ingredients of contemporary Mexican cuisine.

Among the options in dishes and ingredients you can find: delicious water with black chili with tatemado habanero, grilled octopus in a spicy bean sauce, beef rib tacos cooked for 12 hours in a stone oven or some grilled brains served with corn chips, among others . Its menu, in addition to being based on seafood and grilled meat, is complemented by an offer of tacos, sandwiches and hamburgers, and this whole experience is rounded off by a menu of rustic desserts that will make Baby Grill an indispensable reference for urban barbecues. .

Mixology was created by mixologist Rubén Cuevas (known for his love of discovering new things by creating new creations and experimenting with new mixes. His key is finding the balance of the perfect drink), which blends into a wide variety of flavors. , aromas and colors, ideal for adding to all dishes.

Terraza Baby Grill is a concept created under the guarantee of the Rubaiyat Group, which is present in several countries: Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Spain and Mexico.

Source: Rubaiyat Group

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