J&B is reducing its weight

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International.- Distilled drinks company Diageo has achieved significant savings in packaging material and reduced carbon emissions thanks to the redesign of its bottles. This initiative made it possible for 98.5% of the packaging to be recycled. In addition, Diageo has managed to reduce the weight of its packaging by more than 12 thousand tons, which represents a decrease of 5.3% since 2009, and they hope to reach 10% by 2015.

Of particular note are the improvements applied to the J&B bottle, whose packaging has recently been redesigned. This change, hardly noticeable to the consumer, meant significant progress from an ecological point of view.

The company reduced the weight of the bottle by 15%, modified its shape and technologically improved the materials used for its production. With these transformations, Diageo was able to reduce the weight of each bottle from 480 grams to 412 grams, which meant a saving of 3,700 tons of glass in the production of its containers. Furthermore, thanks to the reduction in weight, less waste and CO2 emissions were generated during the transportation of bottles around the world, and 4,500 tons of CO2 per year were no longer released into the atmosphere.

With these initiatives, Diageo has managed to optimize its beverage packaging so that it can be properly recycled and reused, bringing it closer to the concept of sustainable packaging based on the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle.

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