Juicy Maggi arrives in the oven

It is a seasoning powder with a base of chicken, meat and spices.Mexico.- The Nestlé Mexico group has expanded its family of Maggi spices with the launch of its latest creation, Jugoso al Horno, with which it not only promises to add more flavor to food, but also to revolutionize the way of cooking in our country. Juice Baked is a powdered seasoning based on chicken, meat and spices, which aims to ensure that food is cooked in the shortest possible time and is soft and juicy.

The product is already sold with great success in other Latin American countries such as Argentina, Chile and Colombia, and it should be noted that this is the launch with the biggest investment that Nestlé Culinarios has made in the last few years. The presentations with which the new Maggi product arrives in our country are Mediterranean chicken, chicken with paprika, chicken with fine herbs, meat with mushrooms and meat stew.

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