Kantar found out which products Mexicans consume the most

Mexico. – The new normal and the return to activities outside the home after the pandemic are reduced consumption of some products from different food groups such as dairy products, proteins, legumes, fruits and vegetables or carbohydrates, Kantar México pointed out.

By reactivating the activity, food, which is the main moment at home, was affected by the departure of people, strengthening other main moments, especially breakfast,” explained Adrian Avaloshead of out-of-home and convenience food division of Kantar México’s Worldpanel.

Comparing 2020 and 2022, nibble fruits and vegetables had a greater benefit, as the group of foods with the highest concentration in the occasions of consumption, i.e. they are eaten in the morning and for lunch, probably as a dessert. However, mid-afternoon carbs are preferable.

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Kantar says consumers have sacrificed carbs

Fruits and vegetables (23%), as well as carbohydrates (22%) are the most commonly consumed food groups for Mexicans; The latter, along with pulses, were the most affected because they sacrificed their consumption even during the pandemic.

According to the consultant, consumption of carbohydrates It was higher during dinner, although its consumption in main meals (Main Meals) has been in constant contraction for the last 2 years, mainly in food, the decline of which also strongly affects pulses.

He consumption of dairy products remains stable and benefits from the reactivation of what is spent, that is, what is prepared (or eaten) at home for consumption outside the home, for example, lunch.

During breakfast last year, both hot and cold drinks achieved growth. With the first ones, they had reinforcement all the time, until dinner, and by snacking they reached the pre-pandemic level. Although growth in cold drinks was flat, we saw additional growth during Wednesday and Saturday,” Avalos continued..

Carbohydrates, along with legumes, are the most affected because their consumption has been sacrificed even during the pandemic.

The drinking scene

During the pandemic, Cold drinks they were mainly driven by flavored soft drinks, while hot drinks still accounted for slightly less than 20% of total consumption.

He points out the hot chocolate, which he has been drinking more and more regularly in the last 2 years.

On this way, hot drinks They were better positioned among the main reasons for consumption (taste, family favorite, custom), while cold food serves as a refreshing and healthy addition to meals.

In the case of hot drinks, Tuesday and Friday are the days in which greater stability is seen, while lower consumption is recorded on Sundays. In the last year, Thursdays have seen the biggest contraction,” Ávalos concluded.

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