Kensho, un sake eastern

Sake is a Japanese alcoholic drink that, according to its classification, can be drunk with top dishes.Mexico.- A real revolution in the palate is what Kensho set out to achieve, a sake that does not come from the East but from the Mediterranean.

The iconic Japanese distillate was first produced in Spain, in the area of ​​the Ebro River, using water from Spring from Benassal, in the region of Alto Maestrazgo, in Castellón. Those responsible for producing Kensho (in Japanese, discover nature) are engineers Meritxell Jardí and Humberto Conti, both lovers of Japanese culture.

Kensho arrived in Mexico and launched two different types of sake:
– Tokubetsu Junmai: offers notes in a white bottle fruit with notes of apple, melon, vanilla, orange and cereal.

– Nigori: comes in a black bottle, it’s a bit cloudy looking and not as fruity as Tokubetsu Junmai. It registers notes of grain and must be stirred before serving so that the rice does not settle to the bottom.

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