Keys to improving product packaging

By applying four pillars of product packaging This ensures that shipments arrive in perfect condition, as well as making a good impression, packaging experts say.

Nowadays, companies have developed several ways to make their products stand out from the competition. The way of presentation has become fundamentalsince it must be attractive, attract attention and make you want to get it.

This led to a search forms for packaging which are not only used for transportation, but are part of the marketing and sales strategy. Packaging experts believe that companies must adhere to the four pillars of packaging in order for shipments to arrive in perfect condition, as well as make a big impression which enables companies to increase profits.

Four pillars of product packaging

The first thing to do is Make sure the packaging is adequate. For this purpose, there is a list of guidelines that each packaging must meet:

  1. Choose quality packaging. It is true that it will probably be thrown away when removing the product, but poor quality puts what it contains at risk. And there is nothing worse than the fact that someone receives their order with damage, just to save a few pesos on packaging.
  2. The packaging must be suitable for the size of the contents. An oversized box can be filled with more items, but there is also a greater risk of them breaking or crushing.
  3. Pay attention to the sealing. After the products have been placed in their packaging, it must be properly closed. The usual thing is to seal it with tape, although it may be necessary to reinforce the seal in other ways, especially if it is something heavy.
  4. Mark correctly. If something isn’t properly labeled, it usually won’t make it to its destination. Therefore, if it is a product that will be sent somewhere, the information about the origin and destination must be very clear. The labels must be visible and protected so that they do not come off.

Using packaging as a promotional element

A simple cardboard box can do the job, but is losing a unique opportunity make known, not only the product, but also the brand behind it.

One option may be to choose custom cardboard boxes, which it will give greater presence to the brand. This is a very economical and effective marketing technique, because it turns the brand logo into something everyday, which is etched in the mind of the consumer and increases the chances of gaining new customers or building loyalty among those who already have the product.

Cardboard boxes can also be used for attract the attention of customers. In store windows, a box decorated with attractive motifs and bright colors can make the difference between passing by or picking up a product.


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