KHS filler for cans, even more flexible and hygienic

The can filler from KHS offers many advantages and sets standards in hygiene, for example thanks to the design and the elimination of water lubrication in the area of ​​the filling carousel. This prevents the open cans from getting dirty and allows the cleaning interval to be extended for external cleaning.

However, the most important improvement in relation to hygiene can filler The DVD Innofill Can is a pneumatic lowering device for bell centering. Unlike previous models, they no longer move mechanically using rollers and cams. Instead, it now also uses the proven pneumatic lifting and lowering movement found in the smaller Innofill Can C filler.

Raising and lowering the hood is intelligently controlled. Since the cans are getting thinner, because weight and material are saved, it is especially important to guide and fill the containers as gently as possible. The pneumatic drive enables adjustment of contact pressure to different qualities of material.

Teflon makes this possible

With both DVD Innofill Can and Innofill Can C, a key requirement to achieve the required level of flexibility is the selection of the appropriate sealing material. “We still rely on Teflon,” says Manfred Härtel, Head of Filling Products at KHS. “This material can be cleaned excellently. “It gives our valve seals much longer life and doubles change intervals with the added benefit of much shorter change times.”

But looking at the range of materials, the most important thing is that PTFE absorbs practically no aromas, unlike standard elastomeric sealants like EPDM, which absorb liquid like a sponge during production. When there is a drop in concentration with the next product in the filling sequence, EPDM releases these aromas again. In order to avoid this unwanted effect, production must be distributed according to taste. “Thus, the week starts with, for example, mineral water, and ends by filling a product with an intense taste, such as an energy drink. With our filling valves, flavor transfer is reduced to an absolute minimum, which gives customers more freedom in planning,” explains Härtel.

A filler for cans that enables a warm state

In addition, with two renewed KHS can fillers, drinks can be filled even when they are hot. This process becomes more significant, especially in relation to the following processing steps, because it eliminates the formation of condensation. This eliminates the risk of boxes, drawers and six-pack cans getting wet, moldy or infected with microbes.

Yes to cans, why?

  • According to a Technavio report, the canned food market could grow by $8.92 billion during 2020-2024, advancing at a CAGR of over 3% during the period.
  • Faced with the global fight against single-use plastics, packaging companies around the world are moving forward in their search for alternative packaging materials. Traditional aluminum cans are one of the favorite options.
  • In Germany, for example, that number grew from 2.85 billion in 2017 to more than 3.9 billion in 2019. Further growth is forecast.
  • Consumers have appreciated the benefits of beverage cans for decades, but recently the market share of cans has again shown a significant increase. Because? More and more energy drinks are sold in cans, and the craft movement is driving this development by including more and more soft drinks, sodas, beer and cider in this format.
  • Production of beverage cans from recycled aluminum saves 95% of energy compared to production from minerals. In return, the savings, in the case of steel, reach 75%.
  • The aluminum beverage can is the most sustainable container in the beverage chain. 100% and infinitely recyclable. It is the most recycled packaging in the world, with a global recycling rate of 69%.
  • IN Argentina, 79% of used cans are recycled and returned to the market. Following that line, that percentage is expected to rise to 90% by 2021.
  • The can has multiple advantages because it is light and easy to transport, preserves the taste of the drink, contact with light and oxygen.

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