Kodak Flexcel NX available for corrugated packaging

The new plates are specially formulated for post-printing applications.

Kodak has commercially launched a new KODAK FLEXCEL NX System Extensions industry-leading, enabling customers in the corrugated post-press and prepress market to drive significant improvements in print quality by taking advantage of greater print stability and print efficiency.

The new KODAK FLEXCEL NX Wide 5080 system and the new range of KODAK FLEXCEL NX plates will extend to the corrugated sector the printing excellence that customers have come to expect from Kodak flexographic solutions.

This innovative system enables TradeShops and printers to maintain a competitive edge by delivering highly resistant packaging of exceptional quality, while rationalizing production costs. Through continued innovation and investment in technologies such as KODAK SQUARESPOT Imaging Technology and KODAK DIGICAP NX Patterning, corrugated board manufacturers will now be able to take advantage of these benefits with a solution that allows them to expand their tonal range, achieve superior line weft, more efficient ink transfer and better print quality on lower quality plates.

“We are excited to meet our customers’ requests for the KODAK FLEXCEL NX system that focuses on corrugated packaging applications,” said Doug Edwards, president, Digital Printing & Enterprise at Kodak. “We know that there are always strong cost pressures in this segment and we have worked hard to offer a solution that focuses on quality and total cost. “We are confident that Kodak now has an innovative solution to meet these needs,” added the CEO.

A new system

The FLEXCEL NX Wide 5080 system includes a newly designed recording platform and laminator that enables the production of plates in formats up to 50 x 80 inches. An operator-friendly design with fast, rugged performance, the system features proven and reliable KODAK SQUARESPOT imaging technology for accurate, repeatable, high-resolution images.

Las new plates KODAK FLEXCEL NXC is formulated specifically for post-press applications to provide superior ink coverage, reduce creases and improve highlight reproduction with cost-effective print performance. KODAK FLEXCEL NXH plates, now available in 50 x 80 inch format, are ideal for high-quality prepress, enabling superior print performance, long-lasting printing plates and high-quality photo reproduction.

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