La Campagnola celebrates 100 years

It is one of several hundred-year-old brands in Argentina and wants to celebrate it by paying tribute to its consumers. In every family or circle of friends there is a dish that is known, the one that everyone wants to enjoy, such as “Aunt Marta’s tuna pie”, “cake from Nic’s girlfriend’s cheese” or “granny Emilia’s sauce”. Therefore, to celebrate its 100 years, La Campagnola was inspired by these stories to pay tribute to its consumers, as the products of the Argentine specialty food brand are present generation after generation in the meals that Argentines share with their loved ones.

“La Campagnola is a brand that has been present in Argentinian families for 100 years and people value it very much, so on this occasion we want to acknowledge our consumers, those who take us into their homes, into their families and make us part of their lives,” says Juan Pablo Vicentini, food business manager.

With this goal in mind, La Campagnola has developed a promotion so that anyone can nominate a “famous” person who exists in every family or group of friends. That person whose recipe everyone expects to share and enjoy good times with loved ones.

To participate, consumers can register on their page where you’ll find a section to nominate your favorite chef and the dish he’s recognized for. Both are participating with $50,000 each to remodel their kitchens. In addition, there will be instant prizes for those who participate and vote for their favorites.

The “Tribute Promotion” and the celebration of 100 years of La Campagnola are reflected in television commercials, in print media and on 2.0 channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) that the brand has created to share experiences and anecdotes with everyone, its consumers.

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