Launched press for cardboard packaging

This new launch is aimed at high volume production:

  • One-sided digital lamination
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Applications in folding cardboard

is around is launching a new digital platform for 1.7 m rolls which helps printers achieve greater operational efficiency.

The press is estimated to be available for installation in late 2023 and will be configurable for meet the specific needs of customers and markets.

It includes a range of online options for:

  • It is unrolled manually or continuously
  • An example
  • Lacquered
  • Supplied in reel and sheet formats

Selected configurations can reach 300 m/min. with one-pass thermal inkjet technology. And with water-based inks for recyclable printing packaging.

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The new printing press will feature HP’s next generation of thermal inkjet print heads.

A press that strengthens digital packaging

This new digital printing makes it possible increase plant capacity and reduce production costs.

It will also help printers print with significantly shorter turnaround times and fewer minimum order quantity requirements to optimize inventory.

This allows get analog printing capacity in longer editions, for printers facing increasing supply chain pressure.

Printing represents an excellent opportunity for business growth because it enables:

  • Greater profitability
  • Versatility of production
  • More sustainable packaging solutions

Now more than ever, processors need greater flexibility to respond to dynamic market trends and challenges.

And digital packaging continues to fundamentally transform the high-volume packaging supply chain,” he says. Annette Friskopp, CEO, HP PageWide Industrial.

The new machine will feature a new generation of print heads. thermal inkjet printing from HP, capable of solid industrial production.

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