Magnum presents its two new ice creams with innovation and enjoyment

Helados Magnum began writing its history in Europe in 1989; and since then they have been very clear about the brand promise they will have for their customers: to give them satisfaction. That’s why they continue to launch products with innovation and indulgence for more than 30 years.

Since it is a brand aimed at an adult audience, it makes sense to connect the values ​​of sophistication, trust and spontaneity, which also reflect its European heritage that includes chocolate as a product of maximum pleasure.

Giving in as a guideline to follow

To introduce its two new ice pop flavors, Magnum resorted to a market analysis in which they integrated the behaviors of their potential consumers in the context during and after the pandemic:

  • While the containment of the pandemic caused stress and uncertainty, after this event there is a desire to make up for lost time, to reconnect with the environment and new people, as well as to find liberation.
  • After the pandemic, 95% of people spend more time outside their home.
  • 46% are investing more money in experiences and travel compared to what they did before the pandemic.
  • And 53% are looking for different experiences and want to try new things.

In addition to the above, it was clear that since the pandemic, comfort has gained a higher level of added value, which has suddenly become a kind of solution or consolation in dealing with everyday problems.

However, now the goal is not only for the pleasure to be intermittent, but to have a bite that will satisfy every desire, as with Magnum ice creams, within reach.

Choice of flavors and mix of ingredients

In the creation of its new products, Magnum has advanced in the creation of different flavors, which at the same time can be perceived as opposite or complementary:

  • On the one hand, the tropical profile is reflected in sunlight. The sweet ice cream offers a creamy filling of coconut flavor with a spiral of mango and passion fruit, covered in white chocolate with grated coconut on top.
  • On the other side, Moonlight offers a delight for those who enjoy more of a night life, with a basic range of popcorn flavored with a caramel spiral, covered in dark chocolate and caramel corn.

Our brand Magnum® is one of the favorite Mexicans with which they share special moments of enjoyment. Therefore, it is very important for us to spoil our consumers with disruptive and delicious proposals that will keep them loyal to pleasure; with two major innovations that represent enormous development work to achieve perfect combinations. “We are sure that we will delight millions of taste buds,” he commented. Román Rodríguez, CEO of Helados Holland for Latin America.

In this way, the brand not only covers the desires of two types of taste profiles, but presents itself as an ideal option to enjoy at any time of the day, regardless of whether it is sunny and hot weather or slower weather. .late where there is no more sun.

With a presence in more than 80 countries, Magnum not only carefully selects its flavors to create new experiences, but also strives to go the extra mile to anticipate the needs of its consumers.

Campaign 360 to publish news in innovation

As Juan Pablo de Sayve, brand director for Holland ice cream in Mexico, shared during a launch event organized by the brand, different communication channels are being considered to release news about the company:

  • Influencer marketingwhich through relationships with different personalities helps in spreading the news of new brand launches among a specific audience.
  • Screens outdoors, which use different parts of the city to expose the new flavors of Magnum to the eyes of the residents.
  • Digital algorithm driven by sound waves, which gives the possibility of obtaining discounts directly on the web portal.
  • Music campaign on TikTok in collaboration with the famous JVKE. While the star contributed his vocal talent to the song “Golden Hour”, Robert Alexander (a solar data sonification expert close to NASA) captured the sounds of the sun that were used to build the rhythmic basis of the song premiered during the festival, Cannes.

It was a lot of fun working with Magnum® to bring this brand new version of ‘The Golden Hour’ to life using the actual sounds of the sun. “It’s a great project because I’ve always tried to push the boundaries of creativity in my music, and using NASA data to create my latest song is, without a doubt, one of those amazing moments,” he shared. JVKE.

Before we get to space, we have to take care of this world

As Barry Callebaut’s business partner, Magnum has developed into a specialist pleasure segment thanks to its chocolate, whose cocoa comes from sustainable farms certified by the Rainforest Alliance™.

This same commitment to making sustainability everyday is also reflected in the selection of multi-purpose cardboard packaging made from recycled paper, which helps:

  • Save the water
  • Avoid using fossil fuels like oil
  • Prevent the generation of large amounts of waste
  • Free up space in landfills
  • Prevent deforestation
  • Reduce your carbon dioxide emissions

As if that wasn’t enough, it is the first ice cream brand to use recycled polypropylene plastic in its pallets.

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