Make a Mark: packaging design innovation for the wine sector

Tag yourself is a project that aims to explore innovations in packaging design from a 360-degree perspective.

Areas analyzed include:

  • Glass
  • Hang the tags
  • Finishing treatments
  • To shape

With the aim of expanding its global presence, Avery Dennison, Estal and Leonhard Kurz held two exclusive “Make a Mark” events. in Santiago de Chile and Mendoza in Argentina.

During these events, the main design and technical challenges faced in the process were presented. And the chosen paths and reasons in each individual case that led to the result.

This space made available to the participants a number of resources, paper, bottles, corks and finishing materials. Pushing the boundaries of innovation, demanding creation packaging of the futurewithout conditions.

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This space made available to attendees a range of resources, papers, bottles, caps and finishes, challenging the boundaries of innovation.

Innovation space for packaging design

For students, The effort of these three companies to bet on innovation and design is something extremely valuable. Well, in addition to the presentations, there were also live demonstrations.

Among the innovations presented, those present could discover how NFC/RFID technology can make a difference in the wine segmentincluding shopping experience, logistics and impact on sustainability.

The goal of this type of event is to support i encourage creatives and artists in search of new challenges, making available the latest trends and developments in decoration of graphic products.

In addition, the ability to overcome all obstacles is fostered by bringing together a large variety of high-end products and technologies available around the world.

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