Makeover Cerveza Sol

Sol, a beer brand from Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma (CM), announced its new image. The bottle packaging left the engraving and was restored with a diagonal paper label. In addition, its size has grown from 11 ounces to 12 ounces while maintaining the same price. While the rest of the packaging will integrate a new design created by the VBat agency.

At a press conference at the CM factory in Orizaba, Veracruz, Marc Busain, president of CM, stated that the company’s goal is to strengthen the position of this brand in the south of the country, as well as to expand its presence internationally, starting with Europe.

John Botia, Vice President of Brand Marketing at CM, stated that 77% of beer consumers in Mexico consume Sol beer at least once a month, and added that this brand represents 20% of the total sales of the brewery’s portfolio.CM.

Botia said that the main consumers of this line are young people and that this renewal implies changes to the primary packaging and the shape of the bottle, which implies a complete renewal of the brand’s packaging fleet, as well as a redesign of the label.

He specified that, in accordance with sustainability, the glass, cardboard and inks used in the packaging can be recycled, which affects efficiency by reducing energy and water consumption.

Jorge Meillón, vice president of operations at CM, spoke about the adjustments that were needed in the production line: “The complete renewal of the returnable packaging and carton packaging fleet will allow us to recycle the previous product through organizations recognized for their commitment. with the environment and social balance.”

Jacobine Van Der Meer Lotgering, director of Sol, explained that the promotional campaign for this launch will start in June under the slogan “Everything up”. It will communicate through television, radio, digital media and promotional activations of the brand’s values: fun, energy, sensuality and free spirit.

The renovation of Sol is in addition to other image redesigns that CM has carried out with its other brands, the only thing left from this process is Superior beer.

The official presentation of Sol beer’s new image through the campaign “Everything up” will be next June 21 and will start simultaneously with six parties that the company is preparing in different destinations across the country.

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