McDonald’s launches a campaign to learn about the origin of ingredients

McDonald’s launched a campaign inviting its consumers to ask questions about their food and learn about the origins of all their products.

McDonald’s Mexico has announced the launch of the second phase of its “Beyond the Kitchen” campaign, which aims to open a conversation with its consumers, opening the doors of its kitchens and creating a direct connection with them.

The first phase of this campaign was launched in 2012, and related to the origin of meat, potatoes and lettuce. Through testimonials from suppliers and employees, the campaign demonstrated how the ingredients used to make each product are grown, planted, cultivated and nurtured.

In this new phase, consumers and non-consumers will be able to ask questions and see answers directly on the website ( In order to achieve this, McDonald’s has trained a multidisciplinary team, which will be responsible for providing a timely and quick response to all consumer concerns. Among others, the areas of communication, marketing, quality, supply chain, procurement and training are included.

“We at McDonald’s have a great commitment to the quality of the products we offer in each of our restaurants, which is why it is vitally important to continue with this second phase of the campaign, which will bring us closer to consumers and will be able to answer any doubts about the origin and quality of our food ,” commented Felix Ramirez, director of corporate communications for McDonald’s Mexico and Central America.

Suppliers are a fundamental part of this campaign. “It should be noted that more than 90% of McDonald’s suppliers in Mexico are national. Likewise, animal welfare audits are carried out mainly on meat suppliers, with the aim of guaranteeing its use as food,” said Paul Davis, director of marketing for the company’s Northern Division. Latin American NOLAD.

According to managers, all products used by McDonald’s are approved by leading and highly prestigious brands in products and ingredients, recognized for their quality and excellence. With this campaign, McDonald’s wants to demystify questions about the quality of its products and the origin of ingredients.

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