McDonald’s stops buying meat

McDonald’s fast food chain and the US government stopped buying meat from a California slaughterhouse that was under investigation for allegedly torturing cattle they were about to execute.

McDonald’s and the Department of Agriculture (USDA) decided to cut ties with Central Valley Meat after undercover footage from Compassion Over Killing showed cattle being beaten, kicked, shot or electrocuted en route to slaughter, which also appeared to be infected. mad cow.

“There is behavior in the video that appears to be unacceptable and does not adhere to the standards we require of our suppliers,” McDonald’s said in a statement.

US authorities have said that nothing they have seen in the video so far indicates that meat from potentially sick cows has entered the food supply chain, but they are interviewing employees.

“We think our video raised the issue, but it’s up to the USDA to make a decision,” said Erica Meier, executive director of the animal welfare organization.

Source: Informant

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