Meet the e-commerce packaging store

Smurfette Kappa opened a retail store specializing in packaging for e-commercewhich are designed for small and medium businesses and market influencers and emerging entrepreneurs, who advertise on their social media platforms.

This store offer covers a wide range of solutions “Better packaging of the planet” (“Packaging for a better planet”) that represent sustainable alternatives to unsustainable packaging solutions.

  • Have packaging solutions which can be personalized, and its most famous products range from paper for hamburgers and fruits and vegetables, bakery products and gifts.

The development of this store was strongly influenced by the constant innovation of the e-commerce channel during the pandemic. And now in the so-called new normal it continues to gain importance.

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E-commerce packaging encourages online sales of a diverse range of food and beverages.

The importance of packaging for e-commerce

Packaging for e-commerce is becoming a marketing tool. Furthermore, it is one of the expressions branding This requires a lot of strategy.

Companies and entrepreneurs who have online storesThey specialize in the products or services they want to market. But they hardly have any experience in designing the packaging of their products.

  • E-commerce is one of the most comprehensive aspects of digital marketing because it encompasses aspects of online and offline strategies. In addition, it has an online component that implies the presence of a website or application.

Packaging for e-commerce represents another very powerful psychological element: the expectation created by the experience of opening a store. packaging.

Finally, the company believes that small businesses and startups also deserve to be able to afford it sustainable and innovative packaging.

Both standard and custom packaging are in high demand and are constantly attracting new customers.

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