Meet the innovative machines for the fruit market

Sorma group presents the latest news from the fruit and vegetable industry.

  • This is the carton tray filling and sealing line and the updated version Pick & Place machine ‘Aporo’.

The apple sector represents one of the most developed examples of the application of automation in the processes of selecting and packing fruit after harvest.

The integrated offer of these machines for each of the process stages, together with packaging solutions, is designed precisely to provide a highly innovative response to the operator’s requirements.

This with an increasingly necessary focus on:

  • Efficiency
  • Sustainability
  • The delicacy of the preparation

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The updated version of the ‘Aporo’ machine stands out with its robotic arm, the machine simultaneously places eight apples in the alveoli.

Very flexible machines in the fruit sector

The line for filling and closing cardboard boxes Produced by:

  • Automatic drawer stacker
  • For Easypack filler
  • Machine for sealing and labeling trays

The filler is filled with a divergent belt system and is prepared to work with trays with four, six and eight types of fruit, not only with apples.

The sealing and labeling machine is characterized by great flexibility of use. You can quickly switch from one tray format to another thanks to a software that remembers settings for each of them.

Furthermore, the updated version of the ‘Aporo’ machine stands out robotic arm. The machine simultaneously places eight apples into the alveoli.

And with the help of cameras, they are arranged with the stem in the same direction and show the best side, that is, the one with the most intense color.

This machine can pack one hundred and twenty fruits per minute, and it can be controlled remotely. The new version retains all the advantages of the original model and includes a more compact structure while saving space.

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