Meet the most refreshed and toasted Morena

Spain.- Amber beer Morena launches, 100% malt beer for which the grains are lightly roasted for 24 hours in preparation.

This original toasted beer is designed so that you can drink it every day and enjoy its nuances, both in the aroma of nuts with a spicy background, and in its bitterness, light and persistent, but balanced.

It is a differentiated proposal that surprises with its own taste and body more intensively, but it respects the traditional model of beer consumption”, he points out Sergi Martínez, Marketing Director at Grupo Agora.

The manager emphasizes that it is a beer with its own name that describes the usual blue beer, now toasted. Visually, the characteristic “burnt sienna” color stands out together with the white, fluffy foam.

A portfolio that keeps getting stronger

The new drink joins Ambar’s latest innovations such as:

  • Triple zero. 0 alcohol, 0 sugar, 0 neutral CO2 emissions, also with toasted version,
  • Collector’s beer ambitious orange blossom made with oranges from the Aljafería Palace,
  • Special Amberthe unique use of freshly ground hops in its flagship product.

Ambar Morena beer has a medium alcohol content (5.5 alc.) and its ideal drinking temperature is between 4-6º. It is now available on the shelves of different distribution brands throughout Spain.

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Beer consumption in Spain

According to data from Brewers of Spain report That is, last full year 2021, every Spaniard drank an average of about 50 liters of this drink per year, which, by the way, does not seem unheard of to us either.

Which equates to roughly 200 beers a year, putting consumers in the range of what is considered a moderate consumptionone that is even healthy.

Although it has also been found that there are cities that are much more moderate than others. In fact, there are certainly some who drink very little to compensate 104 liters per person and years that every citizen in Madrid, Seville, Malaga and Barcelona is under pressure.

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