Mercado del Carmen, a gourmet experience that captivates consumers

Carmen market celebrated eight years of offering a gourmet experience international for consumers looking for gourmet meals in a harmonious space.

  • In this experience, guests enjoyed several dishes combined with cocktails from the Onza bar.

After 8 years, what we wanted to transfer to this space is to make guests feel as if they are in the terrace of their home. Where everyone feels welcome at the communal tables.

In this space, you can fulfill all your wishes at an affordable and pleasant price for every situation,” he says. Jan Toussaint, founding partner.

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gourmet menu
Mercado del Carmen celebrates eight years of offering a gourmet experience of international quality.

A gastronomic collective that promotes a gourmet experience

This gastronomic collective located in the heart of San Ángel stands out for its incredible baroque, neoclassical and neocolonial style.

The goal of this market is that the consumer can enjoy a gourmet experience that will fill him with flavors from more than one innovative gastronomic proposal. Because they have:

  • National food
  • International menu
  • Exotic food
  • Organic products

Along with providing good food, the experience of meeting friends and family in what used to be a 17th century castle, formerly known as La Casa Azul de San Angel.

According to its founder Jan Toussaint, this gastronomic complex It was born out of the need to meet with his friends in a relaxed place.

Where there was not just one type of food, but many from different latitudes, with the promotion of small Mexican companies that have very high quality products.

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