Metaverse, a trend that will synergize with the food industry

  • According to the results of the study he conducted more about the perception that Latin American Internet users have about the metaverse, 81% of respondents have an idea of ​​what it is. However, more than half cannot explain it.

The metaverse is defined as a a network of impressive and constantly active digital spaces where users can communicate and live interconnected experiences:

  • Fun
  • Socialization
  • Productivity
  • Learning

In the Webinar Deep in the metaverse Experts point out that there are several metaverses, which is why it is said that web 3.0 is in the making and developing.

It is estimated to be fully immersive with stimulation of all the senses, although the technology has not yet reached that point of enhancing the senses. However, the metaverse continues to evolve and strive to reach that space.

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the metaverse experience
The real and virtual worlds will intertwine, and the real experience will take on a new, more value-added dimension in the coming years, complemented by the virtual.

The impact of this digital experience

There are great expectations around this concept, which is why 74% of those polled at the global level state that it is something of the future.

Although every element that makes up the metaverse and its functioning are not entirely clear to consumers. And what they saw or heard sparked their interest to buy something in this digital universe.

It is estimated that by 2025 the estimated value of the metaverse will be 800 billion dollars. And this will be possible thanks to 4 driving forces, which are:

  1. Connection
  2. Exclusiveness
  3. Personalization and expression
  4. Freedom and experimentation

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Although the feed will still be physical, the metaverse channel will open the door to customer interaction and loyalty.

The food industry is moving into the metaverse

The Metaverse offers tremendous potential for food brands to connect directly and directly with consumers in new spaces.

The food industry will have to adapt to this new context, just as it has done with other technological advances.

In this virtual context, the food value will be more sensoryl, that is, the metaverse will become a very powerful channel for increasing that user experience.

Although the feed will still be physical, the metaverse channel will open the door to customer interaction and loyalty.

Shops and restaurants will be able to enrich the sensory experience of virtual reality to see how dishes are prepared or where a product comes from.

In this way, food brands will be able to create their own virtual spaces where customers can move freely in a 3D environment.

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