Mexican scientists produce more sustainable corn

After three decades of research, Mexican scientists have developed VITAL system which will revolutionize the way of production corn in Mexico and around the world, which consists of a hybrid plant smaller than the current one, but with stronger roots. Besides representing a sustainable technology because the crops will use less fertilizers and herbicides, which means they will be friendlier to the soil for planting.

This was explained by Manuel Oyervides, creator of VITALA new plant It is not a genetically modified organism, but a hybrid that even has a higher photosynthetic capacity than conventional corn, and that due to its characteristics it can be planted in Europe and Africa.

Mexican innovation in corn for the world

Manuel Bravo, President and General Manager Bayer Mexico, commented that the VITALA system is from Mexico to the world, and for all types of producers: small, medium and large; for irrigation and rainmakers, and reported that new technology for Corn sowing It is already used by producers from Sinaloa and Sonora.

“We have a very clear vision in agriculture, to ensure that no one goes hungry, to produce more food with fewer and fewer inputs and with a more rational and efficient use of natural resources. The VITALA system is fully aligned with that vision ., sustainability,” says Manuel Bravo.

According to experts, this innovation, unlike the conventional corn plant, VITALA is a dwarf plant which allows productivity per hectare to increase between 20 and 30% by being able to sow more seeds in the usual area and make better use of the water, sunlight and nutrients it needs.

President of Bayern Mexico explains that the next step for 2024 will be adopted by farmers in central Mexico and Baja, and later in the southeast of the country. At the same time, they are working on bringing it vitality to the United States, Brazil, Argentina and European countries.

“It’s a fever we started in Mexico. We are pushing our processes as much as possible to speed up the launch across the country because of the great value and benefits they bring to farmers,” he stressed.

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