Mexico is one of the priority food and beverage markets in Spain

It’s recent Spanish Federation of the Food and Beverage Industry (FIAB) presented the Report on Priority Markets and the Catalog of Financial Instruments. Among them is Mexico priority markets.

Main markets of interest to export of the Spanish food and beverage industry son:

  • NOW
  • United Kingdom
  • China
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Filipino women
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Morocco
  • Mexico
  • Australia

The very positive dynamics that most of these markets achieved in the last year and the projection for the coming years define these countries as priorities within the sector’s internationalization strategy.

  • In addition, France, Italy, Portugal and Germany, the main ones European markets for Spanish productscontinue to grow.

The study determines those geographical areas with the highest projection for the products of this industry.

As well as countries with growing business opportunities where good progress can continue to be consolidated Spanish food and beverage exports.

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According to the report, Mexico is one of the preferred markets for companies. Its exports in 2021 increased by 31%.

Traditional markets continue to grow

Spain is one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of food and beverages. In 2021, the industry again recorded record sales figures abroad in the amount of 38,202 million euros.

According to the report, Mexico is one of the preferred markets for companies. Well, exports in 2021 were expected to grow by 31%, in the first half of 2022 they were expected to grow by 36%.

For its part, the United States remains a major country of interest for the food and beverage industry.

Last year, the country imported Spanish products worth 2.284 million euros, highlighting the participation olive oilhe winebad processed, canned fruit Mr vegetables.

In the case of China, exports reached a total of 3,446 million euros in 2021 thanks to the exceptional increase in pork products.

The recovery of its pig herd in 2021 caused the Asian country to move from fourth place to seventh in the first half of 2022.

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