Mexico will import certified Uruguayan meat

INAC and Mexican importer for a select group of 25 restaurants.

The National Meat Institute (INAC) of Uruguay and a Mexican importer have signed an agreement through which certified Uruguayan meat will be imported to a select group of up to 25 haute cuisine restaurants. This set of facilities was chosen by the Uruguay Natural Club project managed by INAC’s Directorate for External Markets.

This new commercial tactic took almost four years, from establishing the entry of Uruguayan meat into Mexican territory to developing familiarity with Mexican consumers.

According to INAC, “the goal is for certified meat from Uruguay to be differentiated by Mexican consumers, to give it more value by promoting it as natural meat, without hormones and growth promoters.”

Luis Alfredo Fratti, president of the institute, commented that there are Mexican importers who are very interested in the Uruguayan product, since they see an opportunity to differentiate themselves in the market with a certified product of higher quality, although it has a higher price than the American one. product.

Selected restaurants in Mexico have already received the first batch of meat from Uruguay, and in order to keep the INAC certificate, they are required to guarantee the consumption of at least 450 grams of meat per table. Another condition is that each restaurant ensures the purchase of enough meat for two months.

This model of a market strategy for Uruguayan meat will also be developed in the Algarve, Portugal, a fully touristic city regularly visited by select groups of European tourists.

With information from El País

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