Milk that protects women’s health

La Serenísima presents a new functional milk, intended for the comprehensive development of women of reproductive age, pregnant and lactating women.

Argentina.- Mastellone Hnos presents the new Women’s Milk. Enriched with essential nutrients such as DHA, iron and folic acid, the product is made from partially skimmed milk, reduced in lactose, with extra natural calcium, fiber and vitamins A, C, D, E and B9.

DHA is an essential fatty acid that offers proven benefits for brain, eye and heart health at all stages of human life. When women ingest DHA during pregnancy and breastfeeding, they not only encourage the proper functioning of these organs, but also contribute to their optimal development in the child. The recommended daily intake of DHA is 200 mg. Two glasses of WOMEN’S MILK from La Serenísima cover 50% of daily needs.

“Before or during pregnancy, women need a sufficient amount of nutrients such as iron, vitamins, minerals, DHA, calcium and proteins. The first 1,000 days of a child’s life from conception form the basis for the ability to grow, learn and progress, so good nutrition for both the child and the mother is essential,” says nutritionist Stefanía Sivori from the nutrition information department of Mastellone Hnos.

“It’s about devising an appropriate diet plan for each phase of a woman’s life, knowing the variety of food properties and thus ensuring basic needs in each of them,” concludes the specialist.

La Serenísima women’s milk is presented in a 750 cc Tetra Pak container and contributes to the adequate nutrition of women before, during and after pregnancy, in addition to providing essential nutrients that are the basis for the growth, learning and development of the child.

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