Minions come to Moyo ice creams

Mexico. – The minions have come to their senses Moyo ice cream in the form of two new flavors of ice cream: Maracumango, a tropical flavor, a combination of passion fruit pulp with mango, which achieves a balance of freshness, sweetness and acidity, and the flavor of Mirtillo, Blueberry and Taro; a combination that balances the freshness of blueberry (blueberry), the acidity of blackberry and a touch of taro.

This new campaign will be available from June 13 to August 28 this year, so all Moyo branches in the country will be painted yellow and blue, not only in their New flavors and fillings, but also in the environment and accessories, such as ice cream cups decorated with these characters on the occasion of the release of the movie: Minions 2: A Villain is Born.

This campaign Moyo ice cream It is the result of an alliance between Moy and Illumination, the animation production company behind these chaotic characters devoted to Gru. Having the license for Minions at Moyo outlets this holiday season will allow us to stay on top of consumer preferences,” he commented. Claudia Patricia ReyesDeputy Marketing Director of the Frozen and Retail Products Sector Herdez Group.

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Plant-based helados

To create plant-based helados, it is necessary to know regional customs, culture, age and taste preferences. The most popular are vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Each flavor application must be tailored to the protein source in order to provide a specific solution and offer “non-dairy” products that taste as good or better than dairy products.

There is a different profile for each country: vanillas can be sweeter or with notes of caramel; chocolate, bitter, and strawberries, greener or redder. It is important to define that the profile is capable of masking protein notes. All these changes are aimed at production innovative, sustainable and healthy food.

Bad vegan flavors They are produced from plant extracts, fruit concentrates or essential oils. These flavors serve to mask the bitter notes and astringency that come from the protein. Or even, to enhance the sensation of sweet and salty, providing a better oral sensation to achieve good market acceptance.

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