Mitsubishi Electric Automation launches CC-Link IE Field

It is a new card for the company’s FR-A700 inverters, used in a wide range of applications, with greater versatility. Mitsubishi Electric Automation has launched the CC-Link IE Field option card for its FR-A700 inverter, which offers remote input and output control and simultaneous read and write functions up to one Gbps. This card integrates the FR-A700 inverters into the CC Link IE Field Ethernet open industrial field technology and can connect more than 120 stations to a single network.

The new card eliminates the need for Ethernet switches and associated hardware, as well as implementation costs. In addition, according to the company, the FR-A700’s ultra speed is at least 10 times faster than most Ethernet-based industrial networks currently available and its flexible topology can connect as many as 239 DC networks. -Link, which enables the exchange of data to adapt to any application.

Don Cameron, senior product manager for drives at Mitsubishi Electric Automation, said: “Their FR-A700 frequency converters are very popular for a wide range of applications… now they are even more versatile and can remotely control data via PLC. , equipment field and devices, such as analog and digital I/O motion controllers, RFID readers and VFDs.”

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