Mondelz is consolidating the production of its cream cheese

Mondel?z México will strengthen its Philadelphia Cream Cheese production chain, through the modernization of key processes in the operational infrastructure of its production facility in Ecatepec, Mexico.

The Mondel?z Ecatepec factory has established itself as a real center of excellence for cheese production at the regional level with the production of more than 30 thousand tons of Philadelphia cream cheese per year. 88% of the production is for local consumption and the rest is exported to various Central and South American countries, making Mexico the largest consumer of the brand in the region.

The company has set as its goal the modernization of the Ecatepec factory because it is one of the 3 most important in terms of volume and development potential in the world, right after Germany and Australia. During this year, 15 million dollars were invested in the modernization of the factory’s infrastructure through the implementation of a new technological process that will optimize the consumption of raw materials while increasing the efficiency of capacity and performance of production lines.

In this sense, Julio Rodríguez, director of the Ecatepec factory, mentioned that the investment will increase the capacity of the factory that currently has the largest use of production lines in Latin America for the cheese category: “The investment in this new technology is worth the innovation present in every phase of Philadelphia cream production ​​cheese, from obtaining milk, the pasteurization process, which guarantees its high quality, and even packaging, which is carried out at high temperatures.”

This new technology was developed exclusively by the company and was implemented for the first time in Germany. After that, the Mondelz Mexico research and development team led its implementation in our country through the Conacyt “Innovation Stimulation” program. The developed machines will allow the factory to better take advantage of the raw materials obtained from the production of cream cheese such as sour whey and protein concentrate to increase the efficiency and production capacity of the factory. The launch of the new technology should begin in the last quarter of 2018.

Rodríguez added that this investment adds to the process that began in early 2017, which aims to provide employees with tools for professional development and the creation of organizational systems on issues of quality, safety and performance, within a work culture that promotes efficiency: “As part of this process , a robust training plan is planned for employees to develop new skills and knowledge to manage one of the company’s most modern facilities.”

Philadelphia Cream Cheese is one of the most important brands in the portfolio of Mondel?z International, and is present in almost 50% of Mexican homes. This success is the result of a comprehensive business strategy that, in addition to direct sales to consumers, is complemented by the creation of strategic alliances with partners such as Sigma Foods that allow us to bring our product as raw material to different clients in the country, as well as the co-branding type of commercial developments that promote and supervises the Mondel?z Mexico Gastronomic Center.

For his part, Guillermo Cespedes, Director of the Cheeses, Powdered Drinks and Meals category at Mondel?z, expressed: “This comprehensive business vision allows us to contribute to the development of our clients within the ready-to-eat sector, while creating the growth of our business and accelerating the visibility and expanding our brand among clients and business partners.”

The Ecatepec factory, like all the company’s plants, has the strictest quality certificates and complies with all state regulations; which guarantees the safety of its products. Its production and quality standards are a reference in the industry in Mexico and in the world.

Philadelphia is a brand that is produced with raw materials from the country, through the promotion and development of medium-sized milk producers in Mexico through alliances that win. Since 2013, it has a program that promotes community development while ensuring the supply and quality of milk used to produce Philadelphia cream cheese known as Mondelez Farmers. Currently, 9 small and medium-sized producers or farmers who are part of the generation of business partners participate in this program, which translates into the collection of 11,000 liters per day. This production accounts for 80% of the inputs required for the production of Philadelphia cheese with a guarantee of quality, traceability and efficiency in the production of ingredients.

Finally, Santiago Aguilera, Director of Communications and Government Affairs commented: “Our Impact strategy aims to promote actions that have a positive impact in all aspects, which is why we ensure that the growth of our business follows the development of these Actions. As the largest snack company in the world, our mission is to make the best product possible, as well as to expand our impact on our communities and our planet.”

The implementation of this comprehensive strategy consolidates Queso Crema Philadelphia as a brand with superior production schemes that contribute to the development of Mondel?z México’s business while creating an impact on the planet and people.

Source: Mondelz International

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