More efficient agriculture, proposal of Toro Ag

After agriculture the pandemic caused has slowed down COVID-19activities are beginning to recover a little and strive to continue producing and reinventing themselves in order to guarantee food supply in Mexico and the world.

The technology He has been a great ally in dealing with this unusual situation, since with him Mexico and the whole world have been able to increase crop productivity, and drip irrigation systems are a key factor at this stage.

Toro Ag has developed a product line i irrigation systems drip that allows producers to face the complex situation they are going through, supporting each of their products with solutions and technology to increase their productivity and make water and fertilizer consumption more efficient in any type of land.

Bad irrigation systems Drip systems are allies of farmers who strive to produce more because they promote development crops with technology and innovation in each of its products.

Within the crop and greenhouse line it offers ToroAg There are drip irrigation strips such as:

  • Aqua-Thrash Azul: Anti-clogging tape
  • Disadvantages of flow: It offers manufacturers the highest uniformity over long distances and on rough terrain
  • Neptune: Irrigation later with a highly efficient and highly durable tablet, self-compensating drippers and sprinklers, valves, discharge hoses, straight hoses, intuitive controls that make irrigation work easier.
  • Evolution Ag: Advanced filtration systems and other accessories for agricultural, greenhouse and horticultural applications that provide farmers with the tools they need to increase productivity by making water use more efficient in their crops and addressing the food demand that has emerged at this stage.

Toro Ag provides comprehensive solutions and advice, understanding the needs and promoting the projects of Mexican manufacturers with a range of flexible and durable tools and solutions that allow increasing productivity to make the process more efficient. water usage.

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