More updated breakfasts

Subway has introduced its new breakfasts and snacks, expanding its diverse range of products, making them classics.Argentina.- Subway, the North American sandwich chain, has announced the renewal of its breakfast and snack platform, with the aim of further expanding its diverse range of products, already classic for lunch and dinner, with made-to-order sandwiches.

The new Subway breakfast and snacks can be found at all of the company’s locations, but with variations, according to each franchise. Among the renewed products, Subway will offer: bread with cheese, muffins, etc tastestoasts, croissants and classic cookies, accompanied coffee with milk anyway.

The new breakfasts and snacks are presented as an alternative to the lunch and dinner menus, which are already classics of the company’s sandwiches, the main difference of which is the variety of ingredients that the client can choose to assemble.

Subway sandwiches are characterized by being rich, healthy and very low in calories and fat. Breakfast and snacks complement this alternative and provide a sweet option for morning, afternoon and snack.

In Argentina, Subway has more than 180 stores, spread over 16 provinces, and aims to reach 200 stores between March and April.

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