Nature reformulates its Ekos line

The company combines sustainability and good business with new packaging and a new language. With the aim of development, emphasizing the knowledge of popular traditions related to the active principles of Brazilian biodiversity, saving its avant-garde and following evolution, the brand Natura reformulates its Ekos line with new formulas, new packaging and new language.

One of the highlights of the launch of this line – which was created 12 years ago and is a pioneer in proving that you can also do business sustainably in cosmetics – are the chestnut products.

“Natura has delved into the tradition of this active ingredient and discovered the softening properties of the milk obtained from this fruit, which nourishes and strengthens the skin of those who touch it. It is so nutritious and protein that it is a real elixir when taken alone. The creamy texture and sweet aroma of this milk make it a natural and pleasant moisturizer,” explained the company, which wants to position itself in Argentina.

Source: Clarí

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