Nestlé guarantees a daily glass of NIDO Kinder milk

Nestlé has announced a donation of more than 9 million pesos in cans of NIDO® Kinder Growth Milk to the Comprehensive Family Development System (DIF). Nestlé, a leading company for nutrition, health and well-being, delivered a donation as a result of the social movement Entre Mama’s NIDO®, launched at the end of 2015. With this, the company ensures that more than 46 thousand children from 1 to 4 years old, in highly marginalized communities in Chiapas, Guerrero and Michoacán, has access to 1 glass of milk a day, for 2 months.

“This donation we made to DIF is the result of a collaboration project with more than 300,000 mothers in Mexico, who have joined NIDO®, through the Entre Mamás NIDO® community that lives on Facebook,” commented Paola de la Torre, Marketing Director. for NIDO® in Mexico.

The goal of the social movement Entre Mama?s NIDO® was to invite Mexican mothers to join the donation of glasses, sharing with them what nutrition means to them and the care they give their children. The Entre Mamás NIDO® community hosted this campaign on Facebook, where thousands of mothers shared the initiative on their walls; Each time mothers shared the initiative, 7 NIDO Kinder glasses were automatically donated, reaching more than 2 million donated glasses.

“We are very happy because of the great turnout of Mexican mothers. The spirit of our company is to offer the best nutrition for mother and child, based on science, which contributes to the creation of generations of healthier Mexican children. Without a doubt, projects with results like this support our mission,” added Paola De la Torre.

This movement is part of multiple initiatives in which NIDO®, the leading brand Nutrition of children, which is carried out in order to promote the proper nutrition of Mexican children and thus contribute to the growth of healthier generations. “Nutrition, health and well-being of people are elements that Nestlé has focused on since its foundation 150 years ago. Actions like this show a strong commitment to creating the shared value we have with society in Mexico. One of the pillars that support our model is nutrition and that is why we are proud to support children from very vulnerable communities with this delivery,” said Francis Pérez, Director of Shared Value Creation at Nestlé Mexico.

Nestlé will continue to promote the initiatives they use Health and well-being children of Mexico, through new alliances in nutrition, as well as actions that promote the development of the communities in which they operate.


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