Nestlé has announced the launch of Acticol

Product with the addition of plant phytosterols, unique in its kind.Mexico.- As part of the research and innovation of its products to meet the needs of its consumers, Grupo Nestlé México has announced the launch of Acticol, a product with the addition of plant phytosterols, unique in its kind and which Nestlé brings to our country for the first time. “We are very proud of this launch, as it is part of the company’s commitment to offer products that, in addition to delighting our consumers’ palates, provide nutrition, health and well-being to their lifestyles,” said César Franca, Nestlé Mexico Group Vice President of Refrigerated.

The new Acticol is made specifically for adults over 40, a growing segment of the population. Each presentation of 110 g of Acticol contains 0.75 g of phytosterols; 2 servings contain 1.5 g of phytosterols, an amount that, according to scientific evidence, can have a positive effect on cholesterol reduction.

Acticol helps keep the heart full of life, due to its phytosterol content; and that along with a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle, it will help you perform all the activities that bring you joy in your everyday life and enable you to enjoy every moment.

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