Nestlé is launching a promotion to make love grow on Valentine’s Day

With Nestlé Classic chocolates, you can win a trip with your partner to Mexico.

Nestlé, a leading health, nutrition and wellness company, invites all lovers to participate in “Regá tu amor,” an exciting promotion, where they can play with their partner and win a trip to the Riviera Maya, Mexico.

So that you can surprise your better half, Nestlé Classic chocolates bring an original option to remind you how special your partner is on February 14.

Registration on the website From February 1 to 14, participants can create a virtual flower and let it grow by watering it with messages of love for him or her. So for this Valentine’s Day, the participants will have a flower with dedications, phrases, verses, songs and everything they want to say, to present to that special person.

Furthermore, by buying Nestlé Classic chocolate and entering the code on the package, you can make the flower of love grow faster. For an unforgettable Valentine’s Day, those who grow their flower to the highest height will be entered into a drawing for a trip for two to Mexico’s Riviera Maya.

On the other hand, each of the couples must be very careful on public roads and in supermarkets, because wherever they see a giant flower dancing, the participants will have the opportunity, together with a mariachi group, to dedicate a song to their partner. in love. The video will then be included in the they will have another ideal gift for that day.

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