Nestlé joins the #UnidosXLactancia movement

Committed to mother and child nutrition, Nestlé joins the #UnidosXLactancia movement, which created the Pro-Child Nutrition Alliance, which aims to create the right conditions for successful breastfeeding.

The #UnidosXLactancia movement, presented last year at World Breastfeeding Week, aims to position itself as a support network for mothers to continue this practice; since it has been shown that the more support a woman feels in the family, professional and social spheres, the less likely she is to stop breastfeeding.

The World Health Organization determines that during the first 6 months of life, the baby should be fed exclusively with breast milk, because it is the best food in the first months of life, which brings benefits to the health of mother and child. short, medium and long term. Managing to avoid the consumption of inappropriate substitutes, since currently up to 30% of babies before the age of one year consume substitutes such as cow’s milk or porridge, which can cause health problems.

With the aim of increasing the rate of breastfeeding among women, Nestlé Nutrition strives to provide information through educational campaigns, strengthens its alliance with parents, health professionals and institutions in the sector regarding child nutrition, while continuing innovation and scientific projects. research focused on the composition of breast milk and infant nutrition.

In this regard, Marco Moesgen, Executive Vice President of Nestlé Nutrition Mexico, commented: “At Nestlé, we reaffirm our commitment to the nutrition of mothers and children by joining the #UnidosXLactancia movement, considering it a key strategy to create generations of healthier Mexican children. We want to support families by promoting education, providing spaces and taking actions that facilitate ideal conditions for successful breastfeeding.”

In the last 3 years, Nestlé Nutrition has carried out various actions in favor of nutrition and breastfeeding, which have influenced more than 3 million parents through actions such as the authorization of 25 breast pumps in hospital institutions, the production and distribution of 150,000 manuals on breastfeeding through health professionals, the development of digital content on breastfeeding and nutrition for mothers and children, as well as conferences at major maternity events, with telephone assistance 365 days a year, 24 hours a day via the Mommy club (01-800-737-6262).

Under the premise “You are a fundamental part of achieving successful breastfeeding,” Nestlé encourages Mexican society to commit to this goal and join the mother’s support network, in order to have the necessary guidance to continue this practice.

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