Nestlé offers options for autumn

Brazil.- Anyone who thinks that ice cream is only associated with summer will be surprised by Nestlé’s proposals. The arrival of autumn with mild temperatures favors the consumption of flavors with more body, with “hotter” ingredients such as chocolate and peanut butter.

With this in mind, Nestlé offers consumers a variety of options that promise to satisfy the consumer’s palate. For those who like strong and noticeable flavors, a good option is Alpino Dark (729g), a premium ice cream based on cream and milk, with pieces of dark chocolate from one of the most traditional brands in the country: Alpino.

For take-home, the “Packaging for Home Consumption” line offers variants with popular flavors such as Charge (633g), chocolate and vanilla ice cream with crunchy peanuts; Classic Duo (615G), white chocolate and milk chocolate with pieces that melt in your mouth; Classic White with Cookies (588G), a combination of chocolate, biscuits and ice cream; with Prestígio (597g), the famous chocolate duo with coconut.

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