New 100% vegan sugar-free chocolates

It always was believed yes he chocolate It’s a candy that solo may be allowed in some awarebut the reality is different and even more so when it is consumed with 0 sugar or of vegan originand this is shown by the latest edition of Barry Callebaut with these two presentations andconscious surrender.

Condition Giving in refers to forgiving or not punishing ourselves, and being aware of what we consume is easier, because enjoy the pleasures of food such as chocolateone of the favorite foods for creating the happy hormone, serotonin.

Below this access, The Belgian chocolate company is launching two presentations in Mexico that will delight generations Millennials, centenary and Gen Z:

“Cacao City” and a walk through the history of chocolate at the exhibition in Bolivia

NXT first chocolate 100% vegan

Veganism is not a fad, it’s a healthy trend, which it was and picks it up in new generations, according to the latest studies 9% Mexicans are vegans i.a 36% It is interested in stopping consumption products of animal origin.

Made with cocoa butter and tiger’s milkand tuber popular in Europe which has characteristics similar to the taste of milk, which gives that creamy touch that guests love.

Except that chocolate plant based, It is focused on an environmentally friendly approach, its production creates fewer emissions CO2requires less water and energy; and the material from which its packaging is made does not contain aluminum, what makes it fully recyclable.

NXT is the first 100% vegetable chocolate that comes in a 2.5 kg package. to specialized stores Photo: Callebaut.

Zero sugarwithout guilt with SICAO Zero

WITH reduction from 100% in sucrosewhat to replace with sweetener Maltitol, The taste is pleasant at the first bite, without knowing that it is sugar-free chocolate, and it is made from the same ingredients. processes, which provides a Excellent quality and ease of use.

This option opens the door for Small business Use SICAO Zero in its sweets and offer foods with a reduced sugar content, which is a trend that invites new generations, and because of its profitability, it is the perfect option.

Cocoa Foundation Horizons

Company of chocolate, In addition to offering a wide range products, also cooperates with the Cocoa Foundation Horizonsan extensive program which participate in communities agricultural cocoa tree for environmental care.

Focused on three areas main:

  • Productivity: It enables cocoa growers to progress
  • Community: Eradicate child labor and empower women’s work
  • Environment: to eliminate deforestation and achieve a state of carbon reduction.

Innovation in the chocolate industry

Barry Callebaut, with this new one launch, reiterates its commitment to innovation in industry chocolates, offering products of the highest quality even now sin Dairy Productsplant-based, low content sugar and environmentally friendlycontinue on the palate of the consumer.

Both editions are available in specialized stores. pastry shop in presentations 2.5 kg and 1 kilo in case of SICAO Zeroin slices of two grams, ideal so that even housewives can make their favorite desserts free from guilt.

Finally, Chef chocolatier, Alan Espinozamentions that these products had years of research conducted in Academy Chocolate, which has 27 centers around the world and for 11 years It is present in Mexico City.

Sicao Zero
SICAO Zero is ideal for adding to all presentations and enjoying the pleasure of chocolate without remorse. Photo: Callebeaut.

They innovate milk chocolate without cocoa

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