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The Choozit Eyes line of propionic acid bacteria helps in the formation of cheeses with wide open eyes. Ideal for emmental type cheeses Recent research conducted by DuPont Nutrition and Health provides an opportunity for cheese makers to achieve optimal eye development in a simple and effective way.

The Choozit Eyes line of propionic acid bacteria enables the production of cheeses of very good appearance and with the necessary sensory properties, which implies a real improvement over the standard cultures currently available. Now this line has a new lyophilized culture called Choozit Eyes 2 LYO.

Choozit Eyes 2 LYO

Using the experience and technology of Choozit Eyes 1 FRO (Frozen), the new culture is designed to meet the needs of semi-hard and hard cheese producers in the best possible way.

Choozit Eyes 2 LYO is available freeze-dried, for easier logistics, and in small packages so that it can be used in all types of cheese. The technology is designed to help producers of semi-hard and hard cheeses differentiate their product with an intense cheese flavor, and to achieve and maintain consumer loyalty by offering them cheese of consistent quality. Likewise, the product helps to improve flexibility and industrial efficiency, thanks to its rapid eye formation, short ripening time and its suitability for different styles and flavors of hard and semi-hard cheeses (combined with flavor-enhancing cultures like Choozit Flav).

Facilitation in the production process

This line is the fruitful result of a DuPont research project aimed at helping hard-working cheese makers alleviate the pressure they face in their production.

Emmental or Maasdam-style cheeses are probably the most difficult to produce consistently, since in addition to sensory, functional and economic requirements, these cheeses must look attractive, with properly shaped and well-spaced eyes. For consumers, cheeses with perfect eyes are directly related to quality and taste. For cheese makers, this means a complex mastery of their processes that includes excellent curd handling, through bacteriological control and a precise heating process.

“Our industry tests have produced outstanding results using Choozit Eyes. This shows that this is a real improvement compared to many other propionic crops currently available,” said Caroline de Lamarlière, global product manager, mature and protective crops, DuPont Nutrition and Health.

Choozit Eyes is part of the broad dairy culture portfolio of the DuPont Danisco line of ingredients.

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